Joining the LVTA as a new member

We warmly welcome all new members to the Association.
Our membership is divided into three sections:

The UK/Europe Section
For those living in the UK, mainland Europe and Mediterranean islands.

The Rest of the World Section
For those living outside of the UK, Europe, the USA and Canada. 

The North American Section
For those living in the USA and Canada.

What it costs to be a member
Annual subscriptions, renewable from the first of the month in which the member joins, are:

UK & Europe: £32.00, plus one-off £5.00 joining fee

Rest of the World: £39.00, plus one-off £5.00 joining fee

North American Section: £39.00, plus one-off £5.00 joining fee 

Subscriptions held to current levels for one year with effect from October 2023

How to Join

You can join on line, using the appropriate links in the panel below. 
First, select the section appropriate to where you live, then follow the links to our automated membership system.
The fields include a vehicle registration form, but you don't have to own a vintage taxi to be eligible for membership.

Please note - it is not possible to join the LVTA via the telephone

If you need to know more, or are struggling with on line enrolment, click here to contact us using the 'Contact the LVTA' form


(including the 
Mediterranean islands)

Annual Subscription
Plus £5.00 joining fee

(excluding Europe,
USA & Canada)

Annual Subscription
Plus £5.00 joining fee

(USA &

Annual Subscription
Plus £5.00 joining fee

Prefer to submit your Membership Application by post?

If you are not on line and are using the services of a friend or relative to access information, you can have them download a membership application form for you, which they can do via one of the buttons below.

Please note that for anyone applying to join the UK section, we can only accept cheques drawn from a UK bank

Please be sure to select the correct form - UK or North America.