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For general enquiries about the LVTA, or about any aspect of London cab history or London cab trade history, please contacts via our enquiry line. We will do our best to provide you with an answer, but if we cannot do this directly, we will try to find an appropriate individual or organisation who may be able to help.

We do not, as a matter of club policy, provide technical advice or trace the history of specific motor vehicles on behalf of non-members.

If you've sent a message to the enquiry line in the past few weeks and have not had a reply, it's not because we don't want to hear from you or can't be bothered to reply - far from it - we'd love to hear from you, but because we have had some technical difficulties with the system. 

While we're resolving it, please copy and paste this address
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LVTA Archives

The LVTA has a considerable number of documents and images, almost all of which are post World War II and apart from a few videos and DVDs, are all paper-based.

It is the Association's aim to store all material electronically for easier access by members, but this, as can be imagined, is a huge job and will take. considerable amount of time to achieve.

The vast majority of the archives consists of

• London Taxi manufacturers advertising material
• Workshop manuals and parts lists for most models, including FX3, FX4 and TX models
• Non-fiction and fiction books concerning taxis
• Copies of dealers' sales registers for Austin and Beardmore
• Extensive photographic collection

Plus copies of:

• LVTA newsletters and Vintage Taxi magazine
• London taxi trade newspapers

We are always happy to receive donated items, so if you wish to donate anything, such as trade magazines, photographs, trade memorabilia etc, please contact our archivist.