Replica PCO Licence Plate Set, 4 Seats


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A replica set of the type of licence plate issued by the Public Carriage Office from the mid-1930s to 1998 for cabs approved to carry 4 passengers. The larger plate is made of aluminium dibond with the lettering printed direct onto the metal, making it both light in weight and very durable.
The smaller plate is made of enamelled steel, exactly like the original. It fixes to the interior of the cab below the sign saying ‘The Number of this Cab Is’.


These are replicas and have no value other than that of a collector’s item. They do not allow the cab to be used for public hire (taxi work) and do not allow the vehicle to be driven in London bus lanes, parked on taxi ranks or driven on roads designated for use exclusively by London taxis.
The LVTA has been given special permission to reproduce these plates, on the condition that they carry only one number, 1978, which is the date of the club’s formation.

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