Replica PCO Vehicle Licence Stencil Marks


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Replicas of the marks stencilled on the rear of cabs when granted their annual licence. Printed on clear plastic, they are simple to apply. Just peel them off the backing and apply them to clean, dust free paintwork. They require no adhesive and will not damage paintwork. and can be removed by the application of gentle heat, such as hot water or a hair drier.

London’s taxis are licensed annually. Up until the early 1960s the licensing officers at the Public Carriage Office applied a stencilled mark to rear quarter of a cab when its licence was renewed. The design was changed every year and this enabled the licensing officers to see, at a glance if the cab’s licence was current.

Each design of stencil mark shows the year and month the cab was licensed, NOT the year a cab was first licensed or built. Thus the correct year for your cab would be one between the year it was first licensed and the year it was last licensed. The options we have and their suitability

  • 1934 for any age of cab built from 1924 to 1933
  • 1938 for any age of cab built from 1928 to 1938
  • 1939 for any age of cab built from 1929 to 1939

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1934, 1938, 1939