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    • Fairway Driver battery woes – I seek your tips Dear Taxi fans, I drive very little and top up my battery every 8 weeks. When I park I disconnect the negative terminal, and yet still I seem to suffer battery drain. What tips can you share for the mechanically clueless, such as myself? Since each battery is £80+, I prefer to keep what I have instead of changing it for the 2nd time this year! Kind regards, Edd

      Started by: Anonymous in: Talking Shop

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    • 2 years, 6 months ago

      Chris Jenner

    • Nissan 2.7 reluctant start – glow plugs? Good morning all, after replacing a nearly dead battery to remedy starting problems, issues persist. Despite warming the engine as advised, I am lucky to have my motor turning over within 8 or 9 attempts - presumably exhausting my new battery all over again. On start there is cloud of smoke (and often soot particles galore); before the engine fires there is smoke/steam to be seen coming out of ...

      Started by: Anonymous in: Talking Shop

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    • 3 years ago

      Danny Stephens

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