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FX4/ FL2 & Fairway

PDF001 FX4 Authenticity Guide 1958 – 1997

A complete guide to every model of FX4 made, highlighting the differences in mechanical and trim specifications. A must for the restorer and enthusiast

PDF039 Austin FX4 Workshop Manual 1958 – 1982

For all Austin FX4 taxi and FL2 hire car/limousine models from 1958 to 1982 and Carbodies FX4 and FL2 models with Austin engines, 1982 only

PDF040 Carbodies Fairway/Driver Workshop Manual

A reproduction of the official workshop manual for the Carbodies Fairway and Fairway Driver, 1989-1997

PDF023 Austin FX4/FX4D/FL2/FL2D/1958-67 Parts Catalogue

BMC/British Leyland parts book for the FX4 and FL2, covering all diesel and petrol models from 1958-1967

PDF026 Austin FX4/FL2 Parts Catalogue 1977

Reproduced from the factory parts catalogue for the Austin FX4 taxi and FL2 Hire Car, c1977 (2.5 Austin diesel engine)

PDF034 FX4R/S/London Coach & Sterling US Models Parts Catalogue

Comprising parts lists for FX4R and FX4S engines, automatic and manual transmissions, all mechanical, electrical, chassis and body parts.

Note: this book DOES NOT list parts for the Ford Lima engine or Ford automatic transmission.

PDF012 Austin FX4 Taxi & FL2 Hire Car Drivers Handbook

Drivers Handbook for earlier models of the Austin FX4 Taxi & FL2 Hire Car available as a PDF download. Faithfully reproduced from Austin's original handbook.

Austin FX3 Taxi and FL1 Hire Car

PDF029 Austin FX3/FL1 Parts Catalogue 1948 – 1958

The authentic Austin/BMC parts book for the FX3 taxi and FL1 hire, for models between 1948 and 1958

PDF031 Austin FX3/FL1 Workshop Manual 1948 – 1958

Austin's workshop manual for the FX3 taxi and FL1 Hire Car, including the Diesel engine supplement. For models built between 1948 and 1958

PDF012 Austin FX3 & FL1 Drivers Handbook, 1948 – 1958

Driver's Handbook for the Austin FX3 Taxi and FL1 Hire Car, 1948 - 1958, faithfully reproduced from Austin's original handbook

Austin 12/4

PDF013 Austin 12 List of Spare Parts

Austin Heavy 12/4 Illustrated Parts List. Reproduced from Austin's original document

PDF014 Austin 12 Taxi Drivers Handbook

Driver's handbook for the Austin 12/4 taxi. Scanned from Austin's original handbook

PDF036 Autovac Owner’s Handbook

Owner's handbook for the Autovac fuel supply. Essential for all Austin 12/4 Owners

LTI TX-Series

PDF032 LTI TX1 Workshop Manual

A reproduction of the official LTI workshop manual for the TX1. Note, neither this nor any other manuals for Austin, Carbodies or LTI cabs have any information about bodywork or bodywork-related fittings

Metrocab / Nuffield Oxford / Perkins Diesel Engines

PDF016 MCW/Reliant/Hooper Metrocab S1 Workshop Manual

The official workshop manual for the Series 1 Metrocab (drum brake models), as built by MCW, Reliant and Hooper

Nuffield Oxford Parts List, June 1950

Parts list for the Nuffield Oxford Taxi and Hire car of 1950. Reproduced from LVTA archive material

PDF033 Perkins 4.99, 4.107 & 4.108 Diesel engines Workshop Manual

Official workshop manual for the 4.99, 4.107 and 4.108 diesel engines. The 4.99 was fitted to the Winchester Series 1 and also optional for the Winchester Series 2 and earlier Beardmore MkVII.
The 4.108 was the option for the Winchester Series 4, the later Beardmore MkVII and also fitted to the MCW Metrocab prototypes.